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План урока «Национальная литература англоговорящих стран», английский язык, 10 класс

План урока «Национальная литература англоговорящих стран», английский язык, 10 класс.

Автор: Дузенова Гульдана Женисовна, учителю английского языка Москалевская средняя школа акимата отдела образования Аулиекольского района, село Москалевка Аулиекольского района Костанайской области.

В данном материале изложен план урока по английскому языку на тему «Национальная литература англоговорящих стран». Расписаны цели, задачи и ход урока. На уроке применены ИКТ, презентации и т.д.

Theme: National literature
Form: 10 A
Book : Ayapova T., English.
Aim of the lesson: The development communicative competence of foreign language of students.
Objectives of the lesson:
Developmental aspects:
- to develop language guessing, memory, attention;
- to increase the motivation to learn a foreign language;
- to develop the ability to realize selectively the necessary information at the hearing;
-to develop the ability to choose the right information from the listened text.
Up-bringing aspects:
- to cultivate the culture of communication in different types of speech activity;
- to bring up respect for cultural traditions of the country and the country of studied language.
Educational aspects:
- fixing vocabulary on " National literature’;
- developing listening skills;
- training lexical and phonetic skills.
Used technologies:
- Games.
- Project.
№ Stages Teacher Time
1 Organization moment Good morning, pupils! I’ m glad to see you. How are you? Are you fine today?
That’s nice. If you are ready, let’s start our lesson. Who is on duty today? Who is absent today?
1 min
1.1 Setting goals and objectives of the lesson. I am happy to welcome you at our meeting devoted to reading different literature. I am sure and always tell my students that when a person learns a foreign language it is necessary to learn about the history and culture of the country. This knowledge will help you very much in learning the language and you will know the country better, you’ll be able to feel the language better. Today we are going to speak about some outstanding English writers and poets. You’ll know their styles of writing and main heroes, you’ll hear the poems. At the lesson we will work at different exercises such as: revise the vocabularies, answer questions, listen to the text, watch the video, play the Game. I think you will be active. I wish you good luck. Let’s begin our work. 1 min
2 Phonetic drill/ speech exercise And now look at the blackboard. There you can see (love story, harrow book, adventure, science fiction, fair tale, detective, poetry)
What is it? – styles of writing
Do you like to read? What sort of books do you prefer reading when you have free time?
What is a story about monsters and awful things? (harrow book)
What is a short story in which animals can speak? (fairy tale)
What is a story when 2 men love each other? (love story) 2 min
3 Checking home task Dear students! Revise your home task. I will check it. Are you ready? Ok, let’s start. Murat, please start. Present us your h/w.
5 Vocabulary 1. You have already learnt a lot of words. Guess what it is.
l t i e a r t u e r

6 Reading

Speaking 1. Let’s meet some foreign writers.
(J. R.R. Tolkien, Jules Verne, P.L. Travers, M. Twain, R. Burns, A. Christie, Robert Louis Stevenson, Lewis Carroll, Joanne Rowling, Hans Christian Andersen)
Charlotte Brontё (1816-1855) was an English writer, best known for her novel Jane Eyre. There were three sisters Brontё.
Robert Burns (1759 -1796) was a Scottish poet who wrote 100s of songs and poems, mainly on country, love and national pride.
Lewis Carroll (1832-1898) was an English writer who wrote 2 well-known children’s stories: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. His real name was Charles Dodgson.
Agatha Dame Christie (1890-1976) was an English writer of popular books and plays, many of which have been made into films. Her most famous characters are detective Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple.
Daniel Defoe (1660-1731) was an English writer, whose most famous novel is Robinson Crusoe.
Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894) was a Scottish writer whose book Treasure Island is among the best well-known adventure stories in English.
J.R.R. Tolkien (1892-1973) was an English writer and university teacher best known for his books The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.
Mark Twain (1835-1910) was an American writer. His real name was Samuel Clemens, he wrote 2 his masterpieces The Adventure of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
P.L. Travers Her real name was Helen Линдон Goff (1899- ) was an English writer and wrote 11 books about Mary Poppins.
Joanne Rowling (1965), an English writer most known of adventures of Garry Potter. There are 8 books about the boy.
Can you guess who of these people aren’t English writers?
2. What writing styles do you know?
What is the main writing style of the writer? (Conan Doyle - detective story; C. Brontё –love story; W. Shakespeare, R. Burns –poetry; D. Defoe –adventure; L.Carroll – fairy tale.)
3. Whose characters are these people? Hercule Poirot – A. Christie, Mary Poppins – P.L. Travers, Hamlet – W. Shakespeare, Dr. Watson - A. C. Doyle, Tom Sawyer – M. Twain, Jane Eyre - C. Brontё, Hobbit - J. R.R. Tolkien
4. OK you are given some pictures. Tell me please, where are they from? What story?
1) трость - Hercule Poirot 2) зонт –Mary Poppins 3) метла- Hurry Potter 4) сундук –Treasure Island 5)кролик – Alice in Wonderland
= Call the name of the book.
Adventure of Tom Sawyer – dneAevrut fo mTo Syraew
Romeo and Juliet – ooRem dan tJeuil
7 Grammar 1. Put the Participle I,II of the verbs from the text in the chant below.
2. Match the two parts of these sentences.
Children help their mothers and to cook a holiday dinner.
This is pretty nice — at least once a year women can take «Best wishes for the eighth of March».
They try to clean flats and help women to cook a holiday dinner. a break and forget about all those dishes, cooking, kids, take a magazine and relax on a coach.
Children congratulate women’s and say lay the table and wash dishes after holiday dinner, they make a cake.

8 Listening Do you like sing songs? . Now, let’s listen to some poems of English writers. (R. Burns, W. Shakespeare)
9 Giving home task Open your diaries and write down your hometask. Your home task is to prepare report about English poets. You can use internet resources.
10 Conclusion You worked good today. Your marks… The lesson is over. Good bye!

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