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Дидактические материалы «Тест по теме "The jobs»"», Английский язык, 7 класс

Дидактические материалы «Тест по теме "The jobs»"», Английский язык, 7 класс.

Автор: Майбородина Ирина Михайловна

Образовательные: актуализация знаний и умений устной речи по пройденному материалу “Профессии”.
Развивающие: развитие логического и ассоциативного мышления, умение
систематизировать и обобщать полученные знания.
Воспитательные: воспитание культуры общения, развитие познавательной активности.
Практические: формирование и развитие навыков диалогической речи; активизация лексики.

Тест проводится с целью актуализация знаний и умений устной речи по пройденному материалу “Профессии”.

Theme «The jobs»

Match the words to the definitions .

1. Perks ,bonus , vacancy ,to promote, shift ,challenges.

a. to give a more important job in an organization
b. a free job.
c. a period of time.
d. an additional salary.
e. extra money as a reward.
f. difficult tasks requiring some skills.

Fill in the gaps with the words from the box.

challenge trainees perks
promoted bonus shift
1. The new ….will start next week.
2 .I don’t have to pay for this meal-it is one of the …of the job.
3. I’m looking for a job with a bit more ….
4. A lot of people are not prepared for …work –it’s difficult for them to work at night or at unusual times.
5. The young army officer was …to the rank of captain.
6. People who stay more than two years in this job get a special ….

Put the lines in the dialogue in the correct order.

B.: Good morning , Mr. Brown. I’m Dan Smith, the chief of the company.
Br.: How do you do ,Mr. Smith.
B.: And what university did you graduate from?
Br.: Yes, I’ve been working in the Microsoft Company for 3 years.
B.: Very well. Now let’s have a look on your application for employment. Your name is John. Am I right?
Br.: Pascal,Turbo Pascal and others.
B.: Please , sit down. Well, you are interested in the job of a computer programmer, don’t you ?
Have you ever worked as a programmer?
Br.:Eaton ,sir. I had the best diploma work.
B.:What about your bad health habits?
Br.: Yes , absolutely.
B.: What programmes did you work?
Br.:I’m fond of travelling.
B.:Good. Thank you very much, Mr. Brown. I’m sure you ‘ll get this job.We ‘ll let come in touch with you tomorrow. Be ready to bring all papers.
Br. : I don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol.
B.:What are your hobbies?
Br.: Thanks a lot .Goodbye, Mr.Smith.

QUIZ. Read the following definitions and choose the right answers
1. Someone who makes beautiful paintings is called
an _________.
a) artist b) editor c) intern
2. A member of a symphony orchestra is called a
a) plumber b) musician c) singer
3. A person who grows crops and raises animals is
called a _________.
a) farmer b) fi sherman c) chef

4. Someone who cooks food in a restaurant is called a
a) chef b) manager c) cook
5. Someone who helps you learn in school is called a
a) doctor b) learner c) teacher
6. A person who builds furniture is called a
a) builder b) architect c) carpenter
7. Someone who plays professional sports is called an
a) artist b) athlete c) accountant
8. A person who takes care of people in a hospital is
called a _________.
a) nurse b) barber c) scientist
9. Someone who cuts men’s hair is called a
a) hairdresser b) barber c) fi re fi ghter
10. The person who takes care of your teeth is called a
a) doctor b) biologist c) dentist


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