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Дидактические материалы «Тесты», Английский язык, 9-10 класс

Дидактические материалы «Тесты», Английский язык, 9-10 класс.

Автор: Майбородина Ирина Михайловна

Материал содержит тесты по итогам 1 четверти (2 вариата) для 9-10 классов по учебнику Аяповой. По программе для школ Республики Казахстан.

10-th form
Variant I
Choose the correct answer.
1. In the sentence, "I like dancing," what is the word "dancing"?
a. gerund b. participle c. adjective d. adverb e. infinitive
2. They haven’t had two children, ________ ?
a. did they b. had they c. have they d. do they e. don’t they
3. Finish the question tag? 'Let's go for a walk, ________?'
a. shall we b. don't we c. let us d. won't we e. will we
4. In the sentence "You'd better take an umbrella, it might rain" - 'd better =
a. would better b. did better c. had better d. could better e. food better
5. According to the proverb, 'There's no smoke without _______’.
a. matches b. cigarettes c. burning the dinner d. fire e. fire place
6. Which form of ‘walk’ starts this sentence? "________ is good for you."
a. To walk b. Walk c. Walking d. Walked e. To walking
7. How long ________ you lived here?
a. have b. has c. been d. is e. do
8. What is a synonym of “rude”?
a. inpolite b. dispolite c. unpolite d. impolite e. anti-polite
9. John ate the meal, ________ the vegetables.
a. except from b. apart for c. except for d. apart e. besides
10. Which of the following nouns is countable?
a. money b. milk c. people d. information e. juice
11. She's the woman _______ came into the shop.
a. who b. whom c. whose d. which e. what
12. The Internet is an amazing ________.
a. invent b. inventor c. invention d. inventive e. to invent
13. In which sentence is the Present Perfect used correctly?
a. I has bought a new computer. b. I have buyed a new computer. c. I bought a new computer.
d. I have bought a new computer. e. I have to buy a new computer.
14. The underlined word is: “The letter written by her was full of mistakes”.
a. Gerund b. Participle II c. Participle I d. Infinitive e. Passive Infinitive
15. Choose the right variant: A cold wind ____ for the last three days
a. has been blowing b. blows c. is blowing d. blew e. have been blowing
16. By the year 2020 the population of the world ________ to 8 billion.
a. will increase b. increases c. will have increased d. is increasing e. would increase
17. If the weather ________ sunny, we’d go to the beach.
a. had been b. is c. were d. would be e. was
18. By the time I arrived at the station, the train _________.
a. had left b. has left c. left d. will leave e. would leave
19. London’s major airport is … .
a. Stansted b. Gatwick c. Thiefrow d. Wimbldon e. Heathrow
20. Which is the correct reported speech of - He asked, “Do you have a car?”
a. He asked do I have car? b. He asked do you have a car? c. He asked if I had a car.
d. He asked if you had a car. e. He asked if I have a car.
21. Finish the proverb, “Too many cooks … “.
a. make light work b. save nine c. spoil the broth d. catch the worm e. keep the doctor away
22. My brother has ________ my favorite dress.
a. lent b. loaned c. lend d. adopted e. borrowed
23. Which word is odd?
a. huge b. enormous c. terrific d. gigantic e. large
24. Find the synonym to the verb “run over”:
a. resemble b. hit by a car c. meet by chance d. search e. be friendly with
25. Finish the idiom: “Walking on the … “
a. air b. waters c. cloud d. weather e. rain

10-th form
Variant II
Choose the correct answer
1. Help ___ to sandwiches , please.
a) you b) me c) yourselves d) your e) yourselfes
2. This was the ______ test I’ve ever done
a) easiest b) easy c) easier d) most easiest e) more easiest
3. At this time next Monday we …. an essay.
a) will have b) having c) will be having d) had had e) will had had
4. I _____ the flowers all the morning.
a) have been watering b) watered c) have watered d) did watered e) has been watering
5. His car runs _____ a race car.
a) as fast as b) faster c) faster like d) that fast as e) faster as
6. I wonder who ________.
a) did help him to escape b) to escape him help c) him helped to escape d) helped him to escape e) escape
7. She asked him _________________.
a) how much did he expect to earn b) how much he expected to earn c) how many did he expect to earn d) ) how many he expects to earn e) how much he expects to earn
8. Anna _____________ swim when she was three.
a) should b) may c) ought to d) could e) can
9. When I was at school we _______ do homework every day.
a) had to b) must to c) are able d) ought e) have to
10. I don’t know where _______ yesterday.
a) did he go b) he went c) went he d) he has gone e) he had gone
11. Find the synonym to the verb “run into”:
a) continue b) resemble c) return d) take care of e) meet by chance
12 .I__________a decision yet.
a) made b) am making c) haven’t made d) will make e) hadn’t made
13. The nickname of New York is .....
a. Yellow apple b. Red apple c. Green apple d. Small apple e. Big apple
14. I must go to the doctor. My toothache _______ worse.
a) had got b) was getting c) is getting d) gets e) get
15. Find the Russian equivalent to the word “rainbow:
a) капля b) радуга c) плащ d) ливень e) дождевая вода
16. This time last year she___________ for FCE exam.
a) was preparing b) prepared c) has prepared d) will prepare e) prepare
17. Finish the idiom: “… one’s brain”
a) wind b) ice c) air d) cloud e) wash
18. One thousand people _________ by the company.
a) employ b) are employing c) employed d) are employed e) employing
19. The next meeting _________ on April 1st.
a) will hold b) will be held c) helds d) is held e) held
20. If it________ sunny tomorrow, I’ll go out.
a) is b) will c) was d) is going e) will be
21. The capital of Wales is … :
a) Glasgow b) Edinburgh c) Cardiff d) Belfast e) Caernafon
22. We’ll be late if the bus ___________.
a) doesn’t arrive b) won’t arrive c) hasn’t arrive d) don’t arrive e) isn’t arrived
23. The underlined word is: “The girl crying at the window is Emily”:
a) Participle II b) Infinitive c) Participle I d) Gerund e) Complex Object
24. She made her son ________down to music.
a) to turn b) turn c) turning d) turned e) having turned
25. Complete the sentence: “The … is perfect for slalom”:
a) Charyn Canyon b) Charyn River c) Turgen Gorge d) Singing Hill e) Medvezhni waterfall

Variant I

1. a
2. c
3. a
4. c
5. d
6. c
7. a
8. d
9. c
10. c
11. a
12. c
13. d
14. b
15. a
16. c
17. c
18. a
19. c
20. e
21. c
22. e
23. c
24. b
25. a

Variant II

1. c
2. d
3. c
4. a
5. a
6. d
7. b
8. d
9. a
10. b
11. e
12. c
13. e
14. c
15. b
16. a
17. e
18. d
19. b
20. a
21. c
22. a
23. c
24. b
25. d

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