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Тема для обсуждения «Travelling», английский язык, 4 класс

Тема для обсуждения «Travelling», английский язык, 4 класс.

Автор: Ямпольская Татьяна Михайловна, учитель английского языка МОУ «СОШ №133» г. Самары.

There are different ways of travelling. People prefer travelling by air, by train, by car, by sea, by bus. The fastest way of traveling is by plane, but it's very expensive. That's why many people prefer trains.

Travelling by car is also convenient. You can enjoy beautiful views through the window and stop wherever and whenever you like.

As for me J prefer travelling by sea. Last summer I travelled to Odessa and then had a voyage by sea. I travelled with mum and dad. We left Samara for Odessa by train. Our journey was very nice. I had a comfortable seat near the window. We arrived in Odessa at night. So we took a taxi and went to a hotel.

In the morning we caught a bus to the port. Our ship left at 10 o'clock. I liked the sea and the wind, the people and the music. There was a swimming pool on board the ship, so I swam a lot. The weather was nice. I took many pictures of different places. I think there is nothing like travelling by sea.

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