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Тема для обсуждения «Russian Holidays. My Favourite Holiday», английский язык, 4 класс

Тема для обсуждения «Russian Holidays. My Favourite Holiday», английский язык, 4 класс.

Автор: Ямпольская Татьяна Михайловна, учитель английского языка МОУ «СОШ №133» г. Самары.

There are holidays popular all over the world. They are Christmas, New Year's Day, Easter. Though their traditional celebrations are much alike in different countries, each nation has its own customs connected with them.

People in our country have their own special traditions. Easter is a religious holiday. People put on their holiday clothes. On the eve of Easter they go to the church. There are special attributes of the holiday in our country. They are Easter eggs. My mother boils eggs and I like to paint them. People bake Easter cakes according to special recipe and make "Paskha". It is a very nice spring holiday and I like it very much.

But best of all I like New Year's Day. It is on the first of January. Some days before New Year's Day my father buys a New year tree and we decorate it with toys, coloured balls and coloured lights. We invite guests and on the thirty first of December they come and we have a party. When I go to bed my parents put presents under the New Year tree. In the morning I find and open them. I like to get books, toys as presents. I'm really happy on the New Year's Day.

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